Diana Vickers got picked on in school for being different.

The 'Boy Who Murdered Love' hitmaker was the "joker" of her class, but did have brushes with bullies because of her unique style.

She said: "I always had quite a lot of friends at school and I was the joker of the class, but I did get picked on a little bit when I was younger.

"I had quite a lot of friends in my year, but some people in the year below picked on me because they said I was a bit different - I always had the Big Hair and the hippy clothes. I just chose to ignore it."

However, she won over the bullies and the 18-year-old singer confesses she is now more confident than ever.

She added in an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine: "There's no point in hiding away - I'm not afraid to be myself. There are days when you get insecure about the way you look and things, but you've just got to think, 'It doesn't matter at al. I'm just gonna be me and people are gonna love me for who I am' "