Diana Vickers has recently split with label RCA, but has claimed that it was amicable and for reasons ".based purely on a creative level." Diana Vickers, who shot to fame after appearing on The X Factor and had a big hit with the single 'Once', let her fans know on her Tumblr page. She said: "I just want to let you know what the crack is at the moment down in the vickers camp. Myself and RCA have decided to part company, purely based on a creative level.I'm now ready to take a wander down a different, very exciting path! In order to grow, this change has to be made."

A source close to Vickers confirmed this to The Sun, and spoke about her new direction: "It's a mutual decision. Diana wants to go in a more indie direction influenced by acts like The XX and Bjork. She's a rock chick at heart and has been working with writers including James Walsh from Starsailor on new material." The source continued: "A deal has been struck between her management and RCA to give Diana back the handful of songs she's already recorded.It puts her in a strong position to negotiate a new deal now." Historically, reality show artists have struggled to make the transition from pop to credibility, and it remains to be seen if Vickers will buck the trend. Despite her early success, her last two singles charted at 13 and 36.