Diana Vickers thinks a high ponytail is the best way to achieve instant glamour.

The 'Once' hitmaker - who has designed her debut fashion collection, Dee V, for online retailer Very - has some simple ways to transform her look if she needs to get ready for a big event in a hurry.

She explained: "Tie your hair in a high ponytail - it always makes you look more glam and it doesn't really matter what state your hair is in.

"A strong lip is always a winner too."

Diana enjoyed working with Very and insists she was hands-on throughout the creation of her eight-piece collection.

She said: "I was involved in all of it. I decide don cuts, colours and prints, and I did quite a few trips around vintage shops searching for inspiration."

The blonde beauty wants her range to be a hit, and would love to style fellow singer Katy Perry or actress Blake Lively one day.

She said: "Who would I like to dress? Katy Perry or Blake Lively - any stylish female singer or actress would be amazing."