Diana Vickers feels like "Bambi".

The 18-year-old singer - whose debut single 'Once' went to number one in the UK charts - admits she relies on her stylist to make her look good but she wants to learn more as she goes along.

She said: "I'm like Bambi, staggering about learning to walk in heels, but I'll get there.

"Like most 18-year-olds, some days I wake up and I hate my chubby cheeks or my bum and then my stylist will come along like a fairy godmother with an amazing frock, I'll have my hair and make-up done and I'll see myself in the mirror and say, 'Ohhh, aren't you a bit of a sexy one?'

"Then after the show I'll head home, wipe off the slap and go back to being Scrubby Little Vickers."

The young star also admits she has a crush on Caleb from Nashville-based band Kings Of Leon, but wouldn't be able to date him because she would faint looking at him.

She told You: "I'm not seeing anyone at the moment but I'm very busy. The only bloke I'd love to meet would be Caleb from Kings of Leon - if he were a single pringle - but then I'd faint every time I set eyes on him, so that would make a relationship quite hard."