Diana Ross has joined Twitter.

The 71-year-old singer has snapped up her own account with the handle Ms. Ross. and confessed she was ''loving'' being part of the social media site before promoting her son, Evan Ross' latest single 'How To Live Alone'.

The Motown legend wrote yesterday (03.06.15): ''I am on Twitter now and loving it.

''Check out @realevanross new single ''How to live alone'' on iTunes.''

In her third tweet of the night, the 'I'm Coming Out' hitmaker shared her ideas for a brand new song before retiring to bed for the evening.

She wrote: ''I'm not a writer but here's a song idea Song idea ''It all get better''.

Before adding: ''As I go to sleep tonight I set my intention to have a good night sleep, & and be truly thankful for this day. (sic)''

While Diana hasn't released a studio album since 2006, her son Evan - who also stars in 'The Hunger Games' franchise - released his second single in May this year and although he admits he finds releasing music frightening he insists he doesn't feel any ''pressure'' from his mother.

He recently said: ''It can be a frightening thing, putting your music out - especially with the family I come from, you know?...

''[My mom] never gives me pressure. Whatever I'm doing - music, acting - it doesn't make a difference to her, as long as I'm happy.

''But I think in general there's always a feeling of, 'It's got to be the best' and I feel like people look at it like that, and you definitely get judged a lot more.

''But it's not the scariest thing, because I grew up with it so it's kind of normal.''