This may be one of the finer stories I have had to write in by time at Contact Music, the story of how the late Princess Diana snuck into a London gay club without being detected, all whilst dressed in drag and under the supervision of none other than Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett. It just isn't the kind of thing you get to write about every day is it?

Princess Diana
Princess Diana remains one of the most well remembered faces of the last century

The story, as retold by Everett's friend and co-star Cleo Rocos (who was there on the night) in her autobiography The Power of Positive Drinking, goes as follows. Following an afternoon of sipping champagne together in the summer of 1988, the four decided that they would hit up one of London's swankier joints that cater for specific tastes, at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It had always been Mercury and Everett's plan to go to the nightclub later in the day, but the pair were reluctant to take their female counterparts, especially Diana who at this stage was easily one of the most recognisable women on the planet. As you may have figured out, the night didn't end their for the Princess and after Everett initially shot down the idea of having Diana join them, Queen singer Mercury insisted that they "Let the girl have some fun."

Cleo Rocos
Cleo Rocos tells the intruiging story in her soon-to-be-published memoirs

So, dressed in a large cammo jacket and wearing thick aviator glasses, two of the most famous gay men in the world took one of the most famous women in history to a London gay nightclub all whilst dressed in drag. Before you ask, no, there are no photos of the night.

The happening took place in 1988 when Dianna and Prince Charles were still married, although within four years the pair will have separated, divorcing for good in 1996. Mercury died in 1991, Everett in 1995, and Diana was killed in a Paris car crash in 1997.