Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts As Princess Diana

The famously coiffed Princess, born Diana Francis Spencer, was born into aristocracy but came under the attention of the world's media when she married the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles.

She gave birth to two sons - William and Harry - but she and Charles divorced, under the Queen's advice, after his affair with now current-wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

She experienced extreme media hounding, having to regularly flee paparazzi with constant media scrutiny over every aspect of her life, including her post-divorce relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Diana was killed in 1997 in a car crash in Paris due to her drunken chauffeur speeding away from pursuing paparazzi in an event that has caused a great deal of controversy regarding attribution of blame, and is still hotly debated to this day.

A self-professed 'Queen of Hearts', philanthropist Diana regularly engaged in humanitarian ventures, such as campaigning against landmines despite being criticised for meddling in political affairs.

One of the most famous and loved people in the world, Lady Di lived a tragic life which has now been adapted for screen by director Oliver Hirschbiegel (The Invasion, Five Minutes of Heaven, Downfall ) and writer Stephen Jeffreys (The Libertine).

Naomi Watts (King Kong) will play the role of Diana in the visually sumptuous new biopic, due for September release.

Watch The Trailer For Diana Biopic:

The trailer evokes the elegance yet sadness of Diana's life, in a poignant biopic that is sure to reignite the controversy that saw the ugly details of Diana's life - and death - debated in court and divulged in the ever-present press.

Diana is set for UK release on 20th September this year.

Naomi Watts
The Peoples' Princess: Naomi Watts As Diana.