Review of How It Ends Single by DeVotchKa

Review of DeVotchKa's single 'How It Ends' released through Anti.

DeVotchKa How It Ends Single

The PR blurb sticker on DeVotchKa's latest single is VERY KEEN to let you know that 'How It Ends' is featured on some commercial for some game, entitled, somewhat apocalyptically, 'Gears of War 2: The Last Day.'

Now, the uninitiated among you may think that this is unmistakable proof that DeVotchKa have a cult classic song on their hands, here and that the band are bound for the upper echelons of the fame ladder.

For the record, 'How It Ends' is a tiresome and clichéd indie rock ballad that should actually have been selected to advertise the benefits of being deaf.

Hayley Avron

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