An online fundraising campaign has been set up to help the family of late Devo star Bob Casale cover the costs of his funeral and medical bills.

The 61-year-old guitarist passed away last week (17Feb14) after suffering from health complications which led to heart failure, and now superfan Michael Pilmer has launched a dedication page on in the hopes of raising $100,000 (£62,500) to aid his hero's grieving relatives.

A mission statement posted on the website reads: "This page was created to help the Casale family with expenses related to the passing of Robert 'Bob 2' Casale of the band Devo.

"These expenses are not limited to funeral expenses, but also include recent medical/hospital bills, and for the general family expenses in the absence of Bob. This has hit the Casales hard. We are doing everything we can as friends of the family to soften the impact of Bob's untimely death."

The message concludes: "Although Michael Pilmer is managing this page, all gifts will go directly to The Casale Family."

The campaign was launched on Friday (21Feb14) and had raised more than $6,500 (£4,063) as Wenn went to press.