Review of The Jagz Kooner Excursions Album by dEUS

The Jagz Kooner Excursions

dEUS The Jagz Kooner Excursions Album

Album Review

This is what we could perhaps call an objective review, free from pre-conceptions, bias and all the other baggage that reviewers often include as so called informed comment. Never mind that objectivity is actually a subjective concept, let's put that aside and focus on the fact that this review springs from the fingers of someone who has never listened to dEUS, or is actually familiar with Jagz Kooner, the name behind this remix of the latest dEUS material.

Those of you more in the know will appreciate that dEUS are apparently Belgian art-rock legends (small pond perhaps as they say?) and the Kooner is a UK remixer of some repute.

What Kooner appears to deliver here is a funked up, dirty selection of remixes that are very easy on the ears indeed. Given the initial constraints of this review however - it may well be that dEUS actually sound like that in the first place, and Kooner has added some bleeping noises 47 seconds into each track. Who knows eh?

In conclusion, from this viewpoint of cultural blindness, it sounds lovely.

Rich Edge

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