Former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan has lost her latest bid to take her former Tv bosses back to court because she waited too long.

The actress sued bosses at ABC and Touchstone and Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry in 2010, claiming she was unfairly dismissed from the show after complaining about an altercation with the writer, during which he allegedly struck her.

After a drawn-out legal battle in 2012, a jury failed to agree on a verdict and a Los Angeles judge declared a mistrial.

Officials at an appellate court later suggested the trial judge should have issued a directed verdict in favour of the defendants on the basis that Sheridan's contract was not renewed after her altercation with Cherry.

The actress returned to court on Thursday (16Jan14) and argued new laws have given her an advantage in the case, but a judge turned down her request for a new trial, ruling she should have filed an administrative complaint to the California Labor Commissioner within six months of the on-set incident.

Sheridan has one more chance to take her former bosses back to court - her motion for reconsideration will be heard in court later this month (Jan14).