Deryck Whibley will never retire.

The Sum 41 frontman has always enjoyed life on the road, and even if he eventually stops working with the band, he'll carry on performing because he loves it so much.

He said: ''I think we've always liked touring. I do think that there are people who enjoy touring more than others.

''That's why you see The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney still doing it, because they love it. As long as I can do it, I can't see me ever stopping.

''I'd do other stuff as well as Sum 41 too. I don't know what that would be but I'm not opposed to it at all.''

The 40-year-old rocker - who has eight-week-old son Lydon with wife Ariana - claimed he's ''never'' been on vacation because the idea of having nothing to do sounds like ''hell''.

He admitted: ''I don't do well with just sitting around. People ask me why I never go on vacation. I've never ever been on a vacation. Like, what the hell would I do? Sit on the beach and do nothing? That sounds like hell to me.

The 'In Too Deep' hitmaker is grateful that his wife is so supportive of his passion for his work.

He told Rock Sound: ''She totally gets it. She's very supportive of it. I'm incredibly lucky. She would almost be a better person to ask these questions about me to.

''I don't notice or know that I will work on things when I'm a home, but she will point it out to me. In a way, she finds it fascinating.''

But despite his love of performing, Deryck still doesn't feel comfortable on stage.

Asked when he finally became comfortable as a frontman, he revealed: ''Never. I think you're always searching for that.

''For the most part, you go out there and do what the music makes you do.

''People will ask me a lot, 'You're so different offstage. You're so quiet here but then you're so full of energy?' The situation makes me do that. I feel like it's a different part of me that's up there.''