Dermot O'Leary copies his wife's beauty regime.

'The X Factor' host has confessed he and his wife Dee Koppang share beauty products and even co-ordinate their outfits when they know they are going to be photographed on the red carpet.

When asked if the couple prefer to match their looks, he told Deluxe magazine: ''If you're being photographed, there's something nice about having had that conversation before.

''She [Dee] is great with style tips and very honest.''

He added of his favourite beauty products: ''If push comes to shove, I'll use her La Prairie because it's like putting gold on your face.''

The 41-year-old presenter - who is also a menswear ambassador for the British Fashion Council - insists he is no ''expert'' on the subject but thoroughly enjoys attending men's fashion week as it is much more ''relaxed'' than it's women's equivalent.

He explained: ''I make no bones about not being an expert, but men's fashion week is a relaxed affair. Maybe because it's in its infancy.''