Derek Hough is contemplating leaving Dancing With The Stars in order to pursue an acting career in film.
The Latin American Dance champion is set to make his film debut in dance musical 'Cobu' next year; a movie about a romance between two dancers who get caught up in the middle of a Capulet and Montague style feud between their respective brothers who both own underground New York dance clubs. Hough, 27, told the USA Today: 'It's really difficult to do both, impossible really. ['Dancing with the Stars'] is full time ... there is zero flexibility. And I want to do other projects. I want to push myself into other areas.' He went on to say that if he leaves it would be his 10th season which he describes as 'a great benchmark'. 'This season is kind of my swan song', he said. 'It's my last hurrah.' He also added that it was 'important' for him and his future career to take this chance.
'So You Think You Can Dance' judge Adam Shankman agrees that a career move would be good for Hough as he believes that the dancer is an international star in the making. 'I think he's the next [breakout star]', he said. 'He feels a moment away to me.'