Was Derek Hough's dance with Shawn Johnson in Tuesday night's "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" finale his last one? A video posted before said dance has hinted, rather heavily we might add, that it is. 

Derek Hough said that winning the "All-Star" season would have been a "perfect ending," MSN's The Clicker reported. "I can't say right now," he told TODAY on the post-show press line last night. "I was shocked at how I reacted and was sort of overwhelmed. I could barely speak to be honest. All the memories of the show, the people I've met and how amazing this family is (overwhelmed me.) I couldn't describe the feeling," he added. But what will he do you might ask, well, in the more cryptic part of his little speech, he shed very little light on that. "There is so much more I want to do," he said. "It's just about (finding) the next chapter." And perhaps even more cryptically, he said,"I will always want to be a part of the show in some way." Hmm. 

Hough seems to have reached a point where he's achieved everything he can on the show, where he is currently a three-time champion with Brook Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jennifer Grey. He can sing, dance and act, so we're pretty sure whatever he does, he'll be a hit.