Depeche Mode insist their music isn't "all doom and gloom".

The 'Personal Jesus' hitmakers claim they are misunderstood because they are actually lighthearted and funny in their songs.

Frontman Dave Gahan said: "I've never quite understood that description. I understand that we're dark, but there's always been humour in there. It's this cynical sarcasm about yourself.

"I think people sometimes miss things that are humorous in our music. People seem to spend way too much time thinking about what exactly we're trying to do and what exactly we mean."

The rockers also admit their latest single, 'Wrong', is not their best effort but still believe it will be appreciated by their fans.

Dave added to the Chicago Sun Times newspaper: "'Wrong' wasn't the obvious choice. I don't think we picked it as a single because we felt it was the best song. We picked it because we thought it was the most innovative thing we had done that was challenging the sound of Depeche Mode..

"I think one of the things that keeps us going is still trying to write that perfect song and not feeling like you've got there yet. It's a drive. I mean, we've survived almost three decades now ... which is pretty scary."