Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan wakes up every night at 4.15am - the exact time he 'died' from a drug overdose 13 years ago.
The Enjoy The Silence star, 46, was famed for his wild ways during the chart-toppers' heyday.
But Gahan's partying nearly cost him his life in 1996, when his heart stopped for two minutes following an overdose of heroin and cocaine.
Doctors were able to revive the star and his near-death experience forced him to reconsider his hedonistic lifestyle.
Gahan tells German newspaper Bild he still wakes up every night at the same time, seeing it as a gentle reminder of his good fortunes.
He says, "I look at my watch and know in advance what the time will be. I think somebody wants to remind me that I have a good life - and it's not for me to decide when it ends.
"What I did in the past was a big mistake. I knew this instinctively when I neared death. Today I'm grateful I survived."
Gahan has since recovered from his addictions, and now lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their two children in New York.