Review of In Ear Park Album by Department of Eagles

Review of Department of Eagles album In Ear Park.

Department of Eagles In Ear Park Album

A side project from the now almost religiously followed Grizzly Bear, now on their second album, it would be practically impossible to try and distinguish the line-ups between the two bands. However, I suggest that you try your best to ignore this fact and listen to this album which a fresh brain as I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised by Department Of Eagles.

The Americana folk aspect was always going to be present; however now with some Mercury Rev style electronica thrown in there it creates something fresh and can only be described as intelligent rock/pop. Daniel Rossen's vocals are exceptionally magnificent with beautiful harmonies, over chord sequences that could even be likened to that of something from Abbey Road.

If the Americana offerings of the likes of Fleet Foxes have tickled your fancy over the past year, I highly recommend Department Of Eagles to you.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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