Leeds-based electronic band Department M have just dropped the visuals for their soon-to-be-released single 'The Second Prize,' with the single itself due out on June 24 through Too Pure Singles Club records. Sticking to their mantra of being serious about not taking themselves too seriously, the video is as chaotic as the song and is a joy to behold, both visually and sonically.

Watch the video for 'The Second Prize'

The video pays it's respect to the song's low-budget, eighties-heavy sound, using a low quality filming technique, stacks of box-shaped TVs and a pile of cassette tapes (that one of the band members proceeds to destroy with a hammer) all matching with the retro sound of the song. Still, as retro as the chaotic synth bleeps and heavy bass riffs are, it still manages to retain a sound that is of it's own time and shouldn't be an alienating listen to most music aficionados.

The single is a follow-up to the well-received 'I'll Fax You An Apology' that the band brought out and the group are currently in the midst of a seemingly-never-ending tour that has seen them spend six-month on the road with with Menace Beach. The group still plan on playing a few more shows before the summer is over, with their three festival shows listen below.

The band are currently working on material for their first album.

Live dates:

10 July - London Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

21 July - Tramlines Festival, Sheffield

18 August - Beacons Festival, Skipton