The trailer has just been released for the upcoming revenge thriller, The Equalizer, which stars Denzel Washington alongside Chloe Grace Moretz. Set for release in September, the movie promises to be a cathartic and dynamic revenge thriller with some interesting moral questions posed along the way.

Washington plays McCall, a man who believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and just wants to live a normal life. His old ways creep back when he discovers he has a need to right wrongs and help others faced with the devastating effects of crime.

He meets Teri (Moretz), a young girl who McCall discovers is trapped in a circle of abuse and danger within what appears to be a gang of pimps but turns out to be the Russian mafia. McCall courts danger as he fights to free Teri but with the mafia now hellbent on killing him he has to think smart and act fast to stay one step ahead of the dangerous gang of criminals.

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With McCall getting back into the swing of his former black ops commander ways, it soon becomes pretty unclear just who should be afraid of whom.

Watch The 'The Equalizer' Trailer:

The often brutal Antoine Fuqua-directed thriller is based on the '80s television show of the same name, which starred Edward Woodward and was written by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim. The film sees the Training Day filmmaker team up with The Expendables 2's Richard Wenk for some heart-stopping action, pulse-racing drama and Denzel serving up some civilian justice whup-ass...with even a hammer in one scene.

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The first official trailer was released into social media by rapper Eminem, who collaborates with Sia in a new track that can be heard in snippets in the promo.

The Equalizer will be released on the 26th September in the UK.

The Equalizer Denzel Washington Poster
Denzel Washington Is A Man Of Revenge In The Dynamic Thriller Adaptation, 'The Equalizer.'