Director Robert Zemeckis's newest live-action film, Flight took crowds and critics by storm at the New York Film Festival. Flight, starring Denzel Washington, closed out the festival on Sunday night. The film is already attracting buzz as a big awards winner this season.

More importantly, it looks like a return to form for Washington, who has been acting in a slew of action flicks in recent years. It is in dramatic flicks that the actor shines, as everyone, who has seen Flight seems to agree.

The film tells the story of airline pilot Whip Whittacker, who has fallen into substance abuse in order to cope with the struggles of a busy and stressful life. On one morning after, Whip manages to save the lives of his passengers in a crash and is subsequently hailed as a national hero. After the toxicology report comes back however, Whip must face the possibility of losing the glory, the respect, his job and even his freedom and having to learn how to cope with his problems.

The film has been extolled for its harrowing portrayal of the struggles of an adult and Washington has already been predicted at least an Oscar nomination for his role. The supporting cast - John Goodman, Melissa Leo, and Kelly Reilly - have also been praised for their performances.

The film also features a "breath-taking" 10-minute plane crash sequence, according to the Huffington Post. All in all, it seems that this one is set for commercial and critical success - a nice change of pace for both Washington and Zemeckis.