Denzel Washington's Flight has all the hallmarks of an Oscar winner, epic story, suspense, drama, an American hero, and, uh, Denzel Washington. Now, it appears as though the movie was made with a couple of the gold statuettes in mind.

In case you've haven't yet seen Robert Zemeckis' new movie, it follows Washington's airline pilot character, who emergency lands a plane and is hailed a hero, a saviour. However, his world soon begins to unravel and his personal problems come to the fore. Washington appears to be a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination, though - according to - Paramount campaign consultants are making a "tonal shift" to win the movie as many awards as possible. In fact, a new 90-second trailer has been released, specifically targeted at awards voters. The movie took around $25 million at the U.S. box office, from only 1900 screens, meaning Paramount has almost made back its $30 million investment. On top of this, the movie got an "enthusiastic response" at a screening for SAG and Academy members at the Writers Guild Theatre on Saturday afternoon and drew over 500 to its official Academy screening at the Goldwyn later that might. Both screenings were boosted by Q&A's with popular stars Washington and Jon Goodman. 

Oscar voting kicks off on December 17, with Flight, Lincoln, Argo, The Master, and Les Miserables all thought to be named in the Best Picture category. Watch the 'Academy targeted' trailer for Flight below: