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hi my comment on denzel washington is a great artist he have a wonderful voice an my best part i cant wait to see the movie flight with the hero denzel washington peace love mona.

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by zollyann

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hi denzel washington u is my no 1 best guy .may god bless u an your whole families. peace from ramona

Posted 8 years 8 months ago by zollyann

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Denzel you are still my No. 1 guy. God bless you and your family.from your spirtual sisterLynn

Posted 11 years 5 months ago by lynn young

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I love Denzel, Pauletta and their children dearly. They are a special family and I always remember them in my daily prayers. Bless them Lord and keep them safe.

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by Chilailli

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Everybody knows me no I lov me some(him)Denzell). He's not just my American Idol but others love Denzell and I say sooooooooo what on that gossip, let'em talk, folk will always talk, they are jealous, mean spirited folk out here in this world, that's just how people are, when it comes to good people doing right like Denzell and his wife, them sad folk cannot not touch Denzell and his wife that's why they start rumors. D and Pauletta is still simling all the way to the bank.

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by babbs

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I love Denzel 's movies. He knows how to act and did it on his own.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by bronxmom

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