It was considered the world’s oddest diplomatic mission, Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea to facilitate a brand of basketball diplomacy considering the controversial dictator, Kim Jong Un’s fondness for The Chicago Bulls. And, like most of the oddest occurrences, someone’s making it into a film, The Hollywood Reporter have revealed. 

Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman's trips to North Korea are the basis for a new film

20th Century Fox has bought the comedy pitch ‘Diplomats’ - inspired by Rodman's "hoops diplomacy" mission to North Korea – with a view to capitalising on Tim Story’s recent directing success with the hugely successful, Ride Along, starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. He’ll direct.

On his latest trip to North Korea – a company deeply criticised by the United Nations for human rights abuses – Rodman chimed in on a rendition of Happy Birthday directed towards Jong Un, and offered up some platitudes upon his return to America.

"I'm sorry for what's going on in North Korea, the certain situations,” he said. "I'm not God, I'm not [an] ambassador, I'm no one," he said. "I just want to show the world the fact that we can actually get along in sport. That is it."

His jaunts to the controversial country have not been without incident: Korean hotel staff members have opened up on the former basketball players behaviour while staying in their establishment.

“Rodman was drunk the whole week of his stay. And the night before he left for the U.S., he was drunk unconscious, and vomited everywhere he turned. He even urinated and emptied the bowels in the hallway," a source told Free North Korea Radio.

"The stench was just horrible and people are criticizing not only Rodman, but also Kim Jong-un saying that "No one in a right mind would be a friend with Rodman. An animal that he is," the source added. We’re assuming that part might just make it into the film.