Dennis Quaid has adopted a cat named Dennis Quaid.

The 66-year-old actor is now the proud owner of the black cat who shares his moniker, after he stumbled across the feline when it was rescued by the Lynchburg Humane Society in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Speaking to WSLS, Dennis said: ''It was really off the wall, but I just couldn't resist. I had to. I'm out to save all the Dennis Quaids of the world.

''Maybe they should start naming animals in shelters after different celebrities and see who bites.''

And Danielle Ulmer, Lynchburg Humane Society Adoption Centre Manager, has said she couldn't believe it when she got the phone call from Dennis and his team.

She said: ''I was like, 'There is no way this is real, like, someone is pranking us'.''

The 'Parent Trap' star - who is father to 28-year-old actor Jack Quaid, and 12-year-old twins Zoe and Thomas - is a known lover of pets, and even co-hosts a podcast titled 'The Pet Show' with Jimmy Jellinek.

And Jimmy will be the one to fly from Los Angeles to Lynchburg later this week to pick up Dennis' new pussy.

The newest addition to Dennis' family comes as he tied the knot with 27-year-old Laura Savoie in June this year, when they eloped to Santa Barbara, California, and tied the knot at a seaside resort.

Dennis - who originally planned to marry Laura in Hawaii, but changed their plans because of the coronavirus pandemic - said after the wedding: ''Just looking into her eyes, she was the most stunning bride.''

The loved-up couple first met at a business event before they began dating in May last year, and Dennis was immediately attracted to the blonde beauty.

The actor - who has previously been married to P. J. Soles, Meg Ryan and Kimberly Quaid - admitted: ''It was love at first sight.''