An ailing Dennis Hopper shocked fans when he turned up to unveil his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday (26Mar10) - he was sporting bandages on his head and hand.
The Easy Rider star is suffering from terminal prostate cancer and reportedly has just weeks to live, but he made an appearance outside the Egyptian Theatre, where he was honoured with the 2,403rd star on Hollywood Boulevard.
Viggo Mortensen, Hopper's co-star in The Indian Runner (1991) and Boiling Point (1993), was on hand to pay tribute to the movie legend, who also posed with pal Jack Nicholson.
But it was Hopper's new injuries which drew the most attention - the actor reveals he fell outside his home after confusing a paparazzo for a friend.
He says, "I thought I recognised the voice, so I kept walking and turned around but I didn't see the little ridgeline in the road and I took a terrible fall because I have no muscle.
"So I fell directly on my face, and I had my glasses in my hand. I got pretty screwed up."
Hopper, 73, has been battling other personal issues on top of his health problems - he filed for divorce from his wife Victoria Duffy in January (10) and received a restraining order against her in February (10), after his doctor insisted her presence in the marital home was "hampering his cancer care".