A lawyer for Dennis Hopper's actor son is confident his client will be cleared amid allegations he raped a teenage girl in 2011.

The reported victim, identified only as Jane Doe, filed suit against Henry Hopper in a Los Angeles court last summer (12), claiming she was targetted on a series of occasions after the first alleged attack at his Venice, California home on 21 April, 2011.

She suggests the 22 year old gave her alcohol and drugged her before forcing himself upon her, and is now seeking damages for charges of sexual assault and infliction of emotional distress.

She broke her silence about the legal action during a press conference with her attorney Jeff Herman on Monday (07Jan13), when she revealed her school grades had suffered as a result of the trauma she is said to have suffered, while she also attempted suicide and was hospitalised for mental and substance abuse issues.

The girl, now 17, told reporters, "My life has been on a downward spiral (since the incident). It has ruined my life. For the longest time I felt I was in the wrong. I wasn't able to speak about it."

However, Henry Hopper - who made his acting debut in director Gus Van Sant's 2011 movie Restless - maintains he is innocent.

His lawyer Joe Mannis tells the New York Daily News "the true facts and circumstances" will "vindicate" Hopper.

Acting icon Dennis Hopper died from cancer in 2010.