Denise Welch maybe a host on 'Loose Women,' but few were expecting the happily married ex-soap star to take the show's title a little too seriously; imagine their shock then as the 52 year-old decided to go topless in the 'Celebrity Big Brother UK' house last night, dashing into the garden hot tub where she joined . 18 year-old Frankie Cocozza!
Welch was a former party animal but has since claimed she's cleaned up her act after husband - yes, husband - Tim - was hospitalised for blocked arteries, an event which was widely reported to have made her seek a life on the straight and narrow. That seemed to have gone out the window though last night as she splashed around in the hot tub in front of a bewildered Cocozza, who had until that point been celebrating his birthday with a rock-themed party, reports the Metro.
The whole spectacle was brought to an end - some would say mercifully - when fellow contestant Nicola McLean arrived with a top and put it over the star fearing that she might embarrass herself, something we're pretty sure she might have. Not that MCLean can talk much, earlier this week she'd had her own tryst with former 'X Factor UK' contestant Cocozza, drunkenly leaning in for a kiss with him despite being married to footballer Tony Williams - an incident she claims she can't remember