Denise Welch can expect a number of friends to be waiting for her when she exits from the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight, whether she emerges as a winner or not. She faces competition from the Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen, X Factor's controversial contestant Frankie Cocozza, the rugby player Gareth Thomas and two Playboy twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. Tonight, the winner of this year's show will be revealed, three weeks after the contestants entered the house.
The Loose Women presenter has not had an easy time in the house. Her 'devil may care' attitude to nudity (her own and that of others) seems to have upset some of the other housemates. In particular, she fell out with the Playboy twins after pulling a drunken prank on Karissa and pulled her pyjamas down. She also had an incident in the hot-tub, revealing her bare breasts and hopping in with nineteen year old Frankie. Whilst her actions seem to have been considered shameful amongst her fellow housemates, viewers on the outside seem less concerned about her behaviour and are more concerned for her.
Her friend (and Heartbeat actress) Tricia Penrose stuck up for the flash-happy presenter, saying "She doesn't deserve the hassle she's had in there. She's one of the most caring people you could meet." Currently, bookies have Frankie Cocozza lined up to win, with Gareth second and Denise in third. The Playboy twins, who repeatedly insist on their guaranteed popularity, on account of being 'hot' may find themselves disappointed if the weight of public opinion swings against them.