Denise Van Outen is to make a return to her singing career.

The 46-year-old actress - who last released solo music when she dropped her album, 'Tell Me On A Sunday', in 2003 - has recorded a cover of 'On My Own' from the musical 'Les Miserables' to help raise awareness and funds for the Make A Difference Trust charity, which supports those in the theatre industry who have largely been out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column about her new cover, she shared: "This is what I was going to sing live on Dancing On Ice on musicals week. When I had to drop out I decided to release my own version to raise money for theatre professionals out of work and highlight how difficult it has been for the industry in the pandemic. 'Les Miserables' is the first West End musical I performed in when I was just 11 years old, so this song has always been very special to me."

Last year, Denise took part in 'The Masked Singer' and was offered a record deal as a result.

She said: "I've been very lucky - and this is way I really genuinely loved being part of the show. Obviously the rumours had started that it was me, and I got approached by a producer to start recording some songs ... I was going off to the studio and making records. We've got two offers on the table so we'll sit down and work out which to go with. I've got music being made which is great!"

And Denise admitted it had been fun to appear on the show.

She shared at the time: "Well it's been fun, because I'm mischievous, so it's been good slinking around and misbehaving ... I'm gonna miss the Fox! It's bizarre, and it does feel really weird, but it all starts to become part of you and you start to feel comfortable. I do very musical theatre songs so I never get to do this song, so to get the chance to do this song and have no inhibitions."