Denise Richards is "doing good" just weeks after she was involved in a shooting incident.

The 51-year-old actress and her husband Aaron Phypers were travelling in their truck in Los Angeles on their way to a film studio last month when a fellow motorist allegedly opened fire at their vehicle but on Wednesday (08.12.22) revealed that she was doing well.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I'm good, I'm very good, thank you. I was just going to work and, you know. But the cast and the crew are very supportive and we're safe, so that's all that matters."

Her update comes shortly after when - over the Thanksgiving holiday - the 'Wild Things' star took to social media to express her "gratitude" at the well-wishes of her followers.

She wrote: "I want to give my sincerest thanks to all who have reached out to me and Aaron during this time. We are both very grateful to be safe. The love and support from all of you has been overwhelming!! We are so thankful for each and every one of you."

It was previously explained Aaron was driving Denise to work at Popsicle Studio when a gold and maroon van began following their Ford F-150 Shelby pick-up truck.

A source said: [Aaron] could tell — he kept making rights because they were clearly being followed. The guy was obviously p***** behind him."

"The van was on his tail, pushing him almost... they couldn't figure it out."

The van eventually pulled up to their left and Aaron wound down his window to confront their driver, with the man arguing he had cut him off.

Aaron apologised and drove off, but when the couple arrived on set, they realised the man had shot the back of their truck.

The source added: "The guy had taken off by then, but when they realised the car was shot, they were really freaked out, and the production secured the scene.

"Even though they were upset, [Denise] decided to stay and film. Her role was just a one-day deal. The production company made her feel safe but they didn't file a police report.

"They think now that people were after the car itself because it's worth a lot of money."