The Amazing Spider-man star Denis Leary almost sparked a mid-air emergency onboard a recent flight with the Kardashians when he started attacking a federal marshall during a sleepwalking drama.
The comedian has revealed he often wanders about in his sleep and tries not to nod off on plane flights - just in case - but he was so tired during an early morning flight, he thought he'd be at peace as he snoozed.
Even so, he made sure there was nothing he could knock over if he stood up mid-sleep as he settled down for a nap.
Leary woke up a little while later and found himself drenched with water, standing over the air marshall and screaming at him.
He recalls, "All the Kardashians are over in a corner, scared c**pless... (stepfather) Bruce Jenner is out of his seat and in a karate pose... and the federal marshall guy started to grab my hands and I turned and the stewardess is going, 'Denis, Denis...'
"I have an empty water bottle in my hand, I'm completely soaked from head to toe... the federal marshall guy is completely soaked, and he grabs me with the stewardess and they take me to galley... and he's like, 'Dude, what the hell, man?'
"I'm like, 'I'm really sorry...' I tell the stewardess, 'I'm so sorry, I sleepwalk.' She said, 'You should have told us... Out of the blue you started kicking the seat of the guy in front of you and growling... and then the federal marshall grabbed you and you grabbed his water and opened it and stood over him like King Kong...'
"So now I have to walk back to my seat. First I'm like, 'Well, at least it's been so long...' because I felt, like, I'd slept for so long, like, we'd be landing soon.' She's (stewardess) like, 'No, we've got four hours and 45 minutes to go.'"
Leary recounted the tale during an appearance on U.S. late-night show Conan on Monday (16Jul12) and took a moment to apologise to the Kardashians, joking, "All I can hope is they thought it was Willem Dafoe and not me!"