Loosly based upon the British series of the same name, Sirens follows three narcissistic, self-destructive paramedics with difficult interpersonal relationships as they try to save everyday Americans’ lives. The premise has been set in stone and was critically well ercieved in the U.K, but has Denis Leary’s adaption captured the essence of the original?

Sirens From Left to right: Jessica McNamee, Kevin Daniels, Kevin Bigley and Michael Mosley star in 'Sirens'

It would appear not. The critics haven’t slated Sirens, which is set to debut tonight on the USA channel at 10/9 Central, but positive reviews are hard to come by, and the general consensus is that of ‘could do better’ and ‘distinctly average’.

“Mosley, Kevin Daniels, and Kevin Bigley play Chicago EMTs in this promising show, which is more comedically broad than Leary's Rescue Me and much raunchier than your average USA series,” wrote Entertainment Weekly’s Clark Collins.

“At its best, Sirens has some of the emotional and comedic recklessness and shock of his FX comedy about firefighters, Rescue Me. Sirens needs to howl a little more,” said Ed Bark of Uncle Barkly.

The New York Times’ Mike Hale wrote, “Sirens stands at the far end of a current spectrum in which jokes are considered too obvious and old-fashioned a way of getting laughs. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t replace them with funny circumstances or characters we care about.”

While, finally, The New York Daily News’ review – penned by David Hinckley – states: “The discussions at times feel Seinfeldian, tempered with Leary’s fondness for outrage, darkness and absurdity. Leary’s last show, “Rescue Me,” worked because it never lost the humanity. The task for Sirens, which will take a few weeks, is to establish it.”

Sirens castWe wouldn't want these guys attending us after an accident. no way

These reviews, alongside some others, have lead to a score of 63 on Metacritic, which according to the review aggregating site means “Generally favorable reviews”. Perhaps it’s not all that bad; find out for yourself tonight on USA at 10/9c.