Demi Moore is still sore with critics who blasted her G.I. JANE movie in 1997 - because she thinks the Ridley Scott film was one of her best.
The Ghost star was baffled when the film flopped at the box office because she was sure it would be a huge hit - and she fears critics just didn't want her to succeed in a military movie.
She says, "It was really underrated, at a moment when they (critics) just didn't want to let me win.
"But, to this day, it is still one of my favourite films that I have had the privilege to be in."
And Moore admits the backlash and the failure of the film were part of the reason why she took a Hollywood hiatus.
She tells C magazine, "It was that kind of crushing that really sent me into a space that lost a little bit of passion and maybe disheartened me."