Movie beauty Demi Moore has offered to recreate her bald-headed look from Gi Jane in exchange for $1 million (GBP588,000).

The 41-year-old sex symbol will sport the dramatic look if she can raise the huge amount for her favourite charity UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA'S WOMEN'S CANCER GROUP.

However, Demi has laid down one condition - the hair cut must take place at a convenient time for her, and many believe she wants to marry toyboy ASHTON KUTCHER before shaving her head.

A charity official says, "Demi's a patron and she came up with the idea at a think tank. It's a very bold thing to do - but even without hair, she's strikingly beautiful."

Demi's spokesperson adds, "She'll be delighted to do this at a convenient date if someone makes a generous contribution."

11/01/2004 14:07