Demi Moore feels like the ''blinders'' have been taken off the film industry as it encourages more equality across the board.

The 'Ghost' star is pleased to see the industry ''moving in the right direction'' when it comes to gender, race and class equality but insists there is much more to do to improve ''awareness and consciousness''.

Asked if she feels the industry is healthier now than it was when she first started out, she said: ''100 per cent. Definitely.

''We are moving in the right direction. We have more work to do but at least we are now operating with a level of awareness and consciousness that was not there. It is almost like the blinders have been taken off. We are operating from a new baseline and I think we are better because of it.''

And Demi has offered advice for all those wanting to follow in her footsteps, insisting they must be ''willing to put in the effort'' to secure the career of their dreams and understand there will be much ''rejection''.

She told The Independent: ''You have to really want this. You have to really be willing to put in the effort, knowing you're going to face a lot of rejection. My biggest advice is don't take anything personal and don't look for someone outside of you to validate you.''

Meanwhile, Demi previously revealed she likes to ''celebrate'' her losses.

She explained: ''It's not the wins, but in our losses that we gain our depth and insights, and while it's great to celebrate the wins when they are there - don't overlook them - it's beautiful to equally celebrate the losses.

''Without them, we don't have the pleasure of really experiencing our wins. And [the book] is definitely a win.''