It was ''love at first sight'' for Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich.

Actor Max, 29, proposed to the 27-year-old singer last week, less than five months after they first started dating, and friends have revealed that the couple were smitten as soon as they met.

A source told PEOPLE: ''The minute they met each other, it was love at first sight.''

Demi and Max moved in together just weeks after they first met and the Covid-19 lockdown helped them to get serious extremely fast.

The insider explained: ''They got to know each other really well. They had talked about getting engaged, but Max kept the proposal a surprise.

''Demi got teary-eyed a few times. She couldn't stop staring at her ring. You could tell it was both exciting and overwhelming for her.''

It has been two years since Demi was rushed to hospital after a suspected drug overdose and friends say Max has been a huge support to her in her continued recovery.

The pal explained: ''Max is supportive of her recovery. Her family and friends are happy for her.''

Another insider said: ''Since Demi started seeing Max, it's been obvious she is loving life. He is a great guy, and it's amazing to see her this happy.''

Earlier this month, Demi marked the anniversary of her overdose, calling it her ''miracle day'' in an emotional Instagram post.

She said: ''Today is my miracle day. I'm so blessed to have one. It represents how the Dr's at Cedar's Sinai saved my life. How my life has become something beyond my wildest dreams. Only 2 years after that terrible day, I'm engaged to the love of my life, and I can genuinely say I feel free of my demons. Each and every one. I never thought this feeling was possible. And it's not just because I fell in love (Although that didn't hurt), but because over the past 2 years, I've done more work on myself than I have in my entire life. (sic)''