It's difficult not to have the utmost respect for someone as young as Demi Lovato who has gone from strength to strength and battled some really major personal demons. Whether it's depression or bulimia, she refuses to be beaten and yesterday celebrated five years of being sober.

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato celebrates five years of sobriety

In the wake of Ben Affleck's brave confession that he had just completed treatment for alcohol addiction, former 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato reflects on five years of being free from alcohol and other substances such as cocaine. It's been a struggle, but she couldn't be happier with her progress.

'So grateful. It's been quite the journey', she wrote in an Instragram post alongside a screenshot of her AA companion app Twelve Steps, which noted that she had been sober for 5 years (60 months, 1,827 days or 43,813 hours). 'So many ups and downs. So many times I wanted to relapse but sat on my hands and begged God to relieve the obsession. 

'I'm so proud of myself but I couldn't have done it without my higher power (God), my family, friends, and everyone else who supported me. Feeling humbled and joyful today. Thank you guys for sticking by my side and believing in me.'

At her lowest ebb, the 24-year-old was taking cocaine every waking hour and in her drugged-up state even assaulted a backing dancer while she was touring with the Jonas Brothers, and it was following that 2010 experience that she finally decided to seek professional help. 

The fact that she has spent five years refraining from alcohol and substance abuse does by no means ascertain that she is free of her demons, however. But it's precisely her admission that she still reaches cataclysmic lows that makes her such an important role model. Her addictions have forced her make enormous sacrifices; most parties are a big no-no and she even has to be careful about what she watches on TV. 

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'To see white powder in a movie? To see someone shooting up? It's too triggering', she explained to Refinery29 last year. 'If I feel even 1% unsure that I'm in a place where I can watch it, then I just don't do it.'

She's not afraid to admit that she still maintains contact with her team of therapists, who continue to help her live her best life. Perhaps the biggest hurdle she's had to overcome is her battle with bulimia, but she has used photoshoots and music as displays of strength and self-forgiveness. With eating disorders and drug abuse still on the rise among young people everywhere, she has solidified herself as someone who represents what it means to love yourself and snap back to reality no matter how hard life gets.