A source close to Demi Lovato has claimed that singer has confided in her friends that her apparent recent overdose has been “a wake-up call”.

The 25 year old pop megastar is now reportedly conscious and recovering at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, having been rushed there from her Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday night (July 24th) following a suspected drug overdose.

Lovato has for years been forthright in her battle with substances and alcohol, and had been clean for a long time until recently. However, a source close to her has now told Entertainment Tonight that she’s taken this episode to heart and is dedicated to getting back on the wagon.

“Demi opened up to her friends and family that she was no longer sober, but was working on her ongoing addiction. However, Demi lost control.”

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato is recovering after suffering an overdose

“The overdose has been a wakeup call to Demi that she needs to get more serious about her sobriety and is telling friends and family she will do everything it takes to get back to the amazing place she was in before she slipped.”

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Last month, after six years of being clean, Lovato released a new single ‘Sober’, in which she apologised to her parents and seemingly admitted to relapsing. The source, however, says that those closest to her began noticing this change a few months before the song came out.

“Demi has been honest with everyone about falling off the wagon with her song, ‘Sober’. However, it’s been going on much longer than the recent release of the song. People close to Demi started to notice a shift in her personality months ago, and could tell she wasn’t being the sober Demi they’ve known for six years.”

Early reports of the incident earlier this week from TMZ alleged that Lovato had suffered a heroin overdose, but subsequent reports then claimed she had refused to disclose details of the substances she may have taken to the paramedics who attended her. It’s thought that staff were able to bring Lovato back to consciousness with Narcan, a drug typically used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

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