Delta Goodrem appears to be teasing the release of her first album in four years.

The 'Born to Try' hitmaker took to Twitter and Instagram to share a fingerprint visual with the sound of the note D being played on a piano to hint at her comeback.

The post is captioned with sheet music with four D's and musical notes, whilst she has included a link to a mailing list, and the URL contains the title 'DG6', which is clearly referring to her sixth album, as Delta released her fifth studio LP, 'Wings of the Wild', in 2016.

Once on the site, a message reads: ''Subscribe to stay updated on the latest news from Delta.''

A new album would follow the release of the single, 'Let It Rain', which the 35-year-old Australian singer-and-actress released to raise funds for the bushfire relief.

Speaking before the release of 'Wings of the Wild', Delta revealed she had ''fell back in love with classical pop'' and the piano, whilst she revealed turning 30 made her really think about what she wants out of the next decade of her life.

The former 'Neighbours' star said: ''I feel like I've done a full circle and I've gone back to the beginning.

''I fell back in love with classical pop, with the piano, and I really did, I fell back in love with the instruments.

''Even though I've always been doing it and back home I've been doing my thing and releasing my records, there was something about the start of the year.

''And after I turned 30, what is it that I actually want out of life? How do I want to spend my next 10 years?''