Review of Nearer Than Heaven Single by Delays


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Delays - Nearer Than Heaven (released 21.04.03)
This Southampton based band were apparently formed around a shared love of Twin Peaks, Maradona and The La's. This certainly proves that they have impeccable influences; although quite how the chubby, drug addled midfielder will be evidenced on record is something of a mystery. Perhaps Delays will just use him as a lifestyle guru and hit the cocaine and pies diet when they achieve success.

Prior to releasing their debut single, 'Nearer Than Heaven', Delays have been busy touring with the elite of the new breed of retro rockers (The Coral and The Thrills). This single is in a similar vein to the vintage tunes of their tour partners and also to their original muse, The La's. It shares even greater similarities with McAlmont and Butler, whom incidentally Delays have also supported. 'Nearer Than Heaven' delivers a lush, orchestral, Bernard Butler style backdrop to the falsetto vocal of Greg Gilbert.

The second song, 'Way Smooth', is heavily influenced by US west coast sixties rock, mining the same seam as Scottish popsters The Cosmic Rough Riders. Lastly, 'Over And Out' is an acoustic tune with a startling vocal contribution from Gilbert. His falsetto occasionally reaches a level where it becomes advisable to hide any glass objects close to your speakers.

Gavin Eves

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