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You See Colours
Album Review

Delays You See Colours Album

With rumours circulating that the Delays have been dropped by their record label and their second album being shelved, the band have quashed these rumours and second album You See Colours is due to be released 6th March. Last years tour was delayed and now dates this time around have been cancelled and delayed; speculation may still suggest possible problems with the band's future. Opening track You and Me is a fantastic track and a great opening number. Single Valentine for me is a bit disappointing and sounds like a mixture of A-ha and Erasure. Not typically sounding of the band, it does however grow on you after a while. Sink Like a Stone and Too Much in Your Life sounds more like the band we all love and know. Other tracks include: Winter's Memory of Summer, Given time and Lillian. On Given Time there is an obvious sound of The La's, which are one of the bands influences. Hideaway is a great, catchy tune, and along with you and me is one of the best on the album. Although the songs are not as angelic sounding as the first album's satellites lost, nearer than heaven and long time coming, they are still good enough tunes. Closing track Waste of Space is almost dreamy sounding and shows just how amazing Greg Gilbert's voice can sound and how unique his singing is. A great closing track and a not too bad album, a must for Delays fans. Hopefully there will be no more gig cancellations and the rumours that the band have been dropped remain rumours and nothing else.

6 out of 10

joanne nugent

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