Review of Valentine Single by Delays

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Delays Valentine Single

So what's the best thing to come out of Southampton? Not the football team, that is for sure. Musically Craig David is the man to have put Southampton on the map, but now it is time for others to come out of the woodwork and keep Southampton firmly on the map.

Delays (not The Delays), are set to release their new single 'Valentine' which they will be hoping is the song not raises their profile somewhat and gets them noticed. 'Valentine' has a raw feel to it, it's all over the shop, but at the same time it all comes together in it's rightful place. It seems that a lot of these guitar bands are now adding electronic sounds to give them that bit more variation. Although at the same time with the melodies, they seem a bit like The Coral, just a bit less adventurous. this single hasn't convinced me into a love for Delays, the jury is still very much out until i hear the album.

Mark Moore

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