Def Leppard star Joe Elliott has added his name to the list of rockers who will turn down an induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame if his band makes the shortlist.

The British singer has revealed he has no interest in being enshrined in the Cleveland, Ohio museum, and he and his bandmates have already decided to turn the induction honour down if they're ever asked.

He tells Huffington Post Live the Hall of Fame induction is "nice but not that important", adding that platinum albums are much more thrilling.

He states, "It's a representation of one million people who've bought your album, and those million mean a lot more to me than some people that decide whether you fit for the Hall of Fame. In fact, we've kind of all decided that even if we get asked we're just going to... politely refuse, like the Sex Pistols did.

"Unless there was some sort of online campaign by our fans 'cause they were annoyed with us."