Def Leppard star Joe Elliott has abandoned plans to produce the new Black Star Riders album because he's too busy touring with Kiss.

Frontman Ricky Warwick has revealed the Pour Some Sugar on Me hitmaker is no longer attached to the project.

He tells Rock N' Load, "He's not doing it anymore. Joe's, unfortunately, had to pull out of doing the album, just due to the fact that Leppard have gone insane. They're out with Kiss and there's loads of stuff going on, so he, unfortunately, had to pull out.

"Both of us are very sorry... It's a real shame, 'cos it would have been great with Joe, 'cos he's such a friend and such a champion of the band. But he's gotta look after his boys, and Def Leppard's obviously his priority. I would have done the same thing.

"We have somebody else lined up who we're gonna announce very soon."