Def Leppard will play the whole of their 'Hysteria' album on a tour next year.

The 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' hitmakers have confirmed their intentions to celebrate this year's 30th anniversary of the hit 1987 album in style in 2018 when they hit the road and perform the likes of 'Women', 'Animal' and 'Love Bites'.

When asked if the group are going to celebrate the milestone, guitarist Phil Collen told Los Angeles radio station KLOS: ''We are. I know it'll be next year we're gonna go on tour.

''We're getting some offers to play the whole album all the way, through. So, yeah, we'll be doing that.''

One distraction the band didn't have in 1987 was social media, and frontman Joe Elliott doesn't think he'd be as good a singer if the communication medium was around in those days.

He recently said: ''We learned to play our instruments, we learned to sing, we learned to write songs together, and that was our only focus. Once we got that down, and then if other stuff comes in, you can probably split your time and manage to do both.

''For me, I'm not sure I would have been as good if I was starting off the way it is now. It would have been too much of an interference.''

The star believes social media is to blame for fewer bands coming through like they did.

He said: ''I'm glad it wasn't around when we started, purely because it gave us more opportunity to concentrate on what we really wanted to be. It wasn't, like, 'We can't rehearse today because we've got to answer all these questions.' I think that actually is one of the reasons there aren't so many bands coming through the way that we did - they have other tasks they have to perform that we didn't.''