Def Leppard's next album is set for an early 2015 release.

The 'Hysteria' rockers are busy working on new material, which they hope will be ready in time for next spring and are planning to support the record's launch with a UK tour.

Taking to 'Planet Rock Stock' Main Stage, frontman Joe Elliot said: ''We've been working on and off on a new Leppard record. We're just extremely flattered that people care enough to want us to keep making new music so hopefully we'll have a new album out for next spring.

''Then, there will be a UK tour tagged onto that as well of course. But, as for right now, for this year, for Leppard, it's going to be recording the new record and just this one tour co-headlining the States with Kiss, which should be a pretty sexy tour.''

The heavy metal band's guitarist Vivian Campbell has been battling cancer, but Joe is confident he will be well enough to join them on tour.

He enthused: ''Viv wasn't here for the writing session, because we wanted him to concentrate on what he's doing. But, basically, Vivian is in remission. It's just continuous work for him because he feels more of an energy, not just locking himself away, he wants to work.

''Who are we to argue with him, he's having constant treatment to keep it at bay, and then when the tour is over he's going to obviously go in for more intense treatment. So, he's in great spirits, and he's definitely doing the tour.''

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