Review of Back Up, Coming Through Album by Deekline & Wizard

Review of Deekline and Wizard's album 'Back Up, Coming Through'.

Deekline & Wizard Back Up, Coming Through Album

UK act Deekline and Wizard release 'Back Up, Coming Through' on Against The Grain. This duo indeed are respected producers in the dance music scene having produced high profile acts such as Chemical Brothers, MIA, Lady Sovereign and The Prodigy as well as previous released bangers from their first album 'Breaks, Beats & Blondes'.

'Back Up, Coming Through' has been eagerly awaited from many dance music listeners. Indeed there's a good variety of styles throughout the album from electro to breaks, from dub to pop. There's nothing to intense yet there's enough ingenuity to keep you listening. The vocalists throughout the album are all good. Using Yolanda from Bugz In The Attic is a good call and others vocalists include MC's TopCat, Fallacy, Flipside and singer Vic Bynoe create great atmosphere and fitting deliveries for the music. 'Dancehall Thrilla' stands out as a heavy track and 'Baila Baila' as an interesting mix between traditional music and street sounds and 'Angels' is a sweet track. The production is good and the music inventive.

This is a good album although I wouldn't say it totally blew me away although I could recognise its quality and creativity. There are some good influences and you have to respect this duo for experimenting musically in the same way Groove Armada do. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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