WILL + GRACE star Debra Messing is a fussy knitter - because she's allergic to wool.

The actress breaks out in hives whenever she touches wool and that has often made her knitting obsession particularly difficult.

Knitting expert to the stars EDITH EIG, who taught Messing to knit and helps her find material she can work with, says, "She's allergic to anything that's wool. We were challenged to find a fibre that could work well for her.

"Apparently she can't even touch wool and if she wears it she breaks out in hives."

Messing has become a regular visitor to Eig's California shop La Knitterie Parisienne, where the French-born needle queen offers weekly knitting classes and troubleshooting sessions.

Eig adds, "Debra's first creation was a little powder blue sweater for her dog LEILA. She has since made shawls at my shop. She's a lovely lady, who really does lose track of time when she's here, just chatting about knitting."