Debbie Harry wishes she had written 'WAP'.

The 75-year-old singer is a fan of the chart-topping single from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and Debbie is thrilled that the sexually explicit song "hasn’t been censored".

Asked about recent criticism of the track, she said: "You know, everybody has to say something. If there’s something to be said, someone will say it. Whether you agree with it or not is another story.

"Cardi B is outrageous and she’s overtly sexual, so ‘Wet A** *****’ is quintessential Cardi B. It’s very sexy and hot and naughty – perhaps even dirty – and the good thing is it hasn’t been censored. At first I was going: ‘Wow, I wish I could do something like that’, knowing full well that I couldn’t. But I wish I could!"

Debbie also admitted to being a fan of the song's video, which featured the likes of Kylie Jenner and Normani.

She told NME: "I love it! I love it!"

Meanwhile, Debbie has delivered an update on Blondie's new album, explaining how it'll differ from their last record 'Pollinator'.

Speaking about the creative process, the singer shared: "Chris [Stein, Blondie guitarist] has several tracks and there’s one ballady-type song our producer John Congleton came up with that we’d love to do. I’m looking forward to getting something from our keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen, who’s written a lot of our new songs in the past.

"But no, we’re not going to approach it like ‘Pollinator’. If somebody submits a song that we absolutely die for, of course we’d do it, but we’re not going to ask this time."